Example 3 – Single Picture Mode – Dubai

Task: We need map of some area of Dubai, UAE. We were given region UTM coordinates: Zone 40, Band R, Easting: 308000-316000, Northing: 2776000-2784000. We were told UAE based new maps on WGS84 datum. We want to use Google maps, and Hybrid map type so we get satellite image and some labels. Output should be in .Tif format with appropriate world file. 


First we setup desired Map source: 

Then we select Coordinates format: 

Then we select desired output format: 

Then we go set Map Download Parameters and click download button:

We can preview source map area: 

If you look carefully into picture above you will notice that UTM grid is not aligned with geographic grid. There is an angle between UTM grid and Geographic grid, called “Meridian Convergence”. UTM grids do not go perfectly North-South all the time. That is why we have 2-step process, first we get “source image” containing area of interest, and then  perform transformations on selected rectangle to convert it into UTM grid and get final image. 

We can preview final map area: 

In download folder we can check our result: