Example 4 – Batch Download Mode – Nairobi

Task: We are doing GIS project for city of Nairobi, Kenia and need some maps for background. They use UTM coordinates there and their local datum ARC 1960. We browse maps and locate that city of Nairobi is located area described by UTM coordinates: Zone 37, Band M, Easting: 244000-269000 and Northing 9851000-9866000. We will download several map segments, and will use Batch Download Mode. We choose  Bing Maps, type AerialWithLabels. We decide to set pause between download of two pictures to 60 sec, so we do not get blocked by the server. We want output in .GIF format with appropriate ESRI World files. 


First we setup desired Map source: 

Then we set pause for Batch Download job: 

Then we select Coordinates format: 

Then we select desired output format: 

Then we go set parameters at Batch Download Mode and click Start Batch Job Download: 

We can follow progress of Batch Job: 

We can check detail of Batch Job progress at Log page: 

In download folder, 15 minutes later, we can check our result: 

This makes our Task Finished. 

Verification: We want to check how different UTM map segments we got from download align together. For this we will use 3rd party Image processing tool. We will pick two map segments images, then “glue” them together using Image processing tool, then Zoom into picture to see if we can see any discontinuity in enlarged picture. 

First, we deliberately turn one image map into Greyscale, so we can clearly see where are images boundaries. Then we “Glue” two pictures together. 


Then we Zoom into picture, to level 500%, and see how pictures align together.

As it can be seen, objects like roads appear continuous and without using Greyscale coloring to differentiate between pictures, it would be hard to say where edges are.