Legal use

Guidelines for Legal use of GoogleMapsRipper application 
Based on document [1] we have created list of examples that explain how to legally use GoogleMapsRipper application: 

Broader License from Google
You can obtain special license to download maps from Google and use GoogleMapsRipper as download tool ( from [1] see “...Google may be able to grant you a broader license to use the Content in a manner not covered in the Terms of Service.....”) 

Fair use
There are certain cases covered under term “Fair Use” when download of maps is permitted, for example “use in a work of scholarship” or “the use of a single map screenshot” ( from [1] see “...Fair use is a concept under copyright law in the U.S. that, generally speaking, permits you to use a copyrighted work in certain ways without obtaining a license from the copyright holder...”). GoogleMapsRipper application can assist you in such cases. 

Use Google Maps in presentation
You can use GoogleMapsRipper to prepare Maps for presentation. (Article [1] says: “....You may use our maps in internal reports, presentations, proposals, and other related professional documents.....”) 

Print for personal use
You can use GoogleMapsRipper  to prepare Maps for print. (Article [1] says: “...You may print Content from Maps and Earth for personal use and enlarge it....”) 

Use in advertisement (print of digital)
You can use GoogleMapsRipper  to prepare Maps for Use in advertisement (print of digital). ( article [1] says ”... Any images used must reflect how they would look on online........ No explicit permission is required for your ad project.........”)

Please consult [1] and [2] for detail guidelines how to use GoogleMapsRipper legally: 

[1] Permission Guidelines for Google Maps and Google Earth

[2] Microsoft Bing Maps Platform APIs’ Terms Of Use